How many ways can I distract myself from writing?

Let me count.

First of all, I would like to point out that I am not a natural procrastinator. I have plans, to-do lists, priority lists; essentially, everything possible to keep a person on track. However, I have been editing the same manuscript for months! Actually, it will soon be a year.

It has been a very productive year and the editing process is one that I (desperately hope) am now much better at. The problem is that I keep learning more about how to make my manuscript better. And isn’t that worth going for? However, after going over the same words again and again, I am now a little sick of them.

My manuscript has been sitting next to me all day. It is asking me questions. Literally. In red pen are questions I asked of myself and areas which I need to expand. On the current page (the one I have been looking at all day) are; ‘I like the feeling after this confrontation, expand,’ ‘Email George, no reply,’ and ‘what are the articles found here?’

Instead of answering these questions, I have allowed myself to get distracted by a multitude of different things. Emails, Facebook, unrelated first drafts, enquiries to different organisations, podcasts and now, even my blog have all distracted me today.

I think this calls for an internet blackout. Get ready people, it will happen in three, two, ………….


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  1. kinkyfreedom says:

    Well, hope this doesn’t distract you 🙂 but hang in there. Feeling your pain I promise!

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