A 2014 Romance

After reading comments about various overused opening in books, I decided to take the advice and write the start of a modern day romance.

Carey’s dreams are always vivid so she has learned not to panic when her dreams mix with reality upon awakening. The figures usually dance in her vision for a few minutes before crawling back into her unconsciousness for the day. On this occasion though, the man at the end of her bed refuses to leave.

She dreamt someone broke into her house to rescue her from something, but she couldn’t remember what. In the dream he was chiselled, with gorgeous locks of hair. She really needs a boyfriend, and soon.

But the man still stands before her. His eyes watching her as she uncurls from sleep. Carey rolls to the side of the bed and stretches an arm out for her dressing gown, hiding the fact that the other hand reaches under the bed for the baseball bat. Her pink gown is held in front of her as she smiles at the stranger in her room. He continues to watch her slow movements, just as he did in the dream.

Carey moves a little closer and when she is less than a meter from him, drops the gown and grips the bat in both hands. She swings, too fast for him to react. It hits his arm, crushing it into his side. The man stumbles and looks angry. He makes a move towards her and she swings a second time. The bat makes contact again and again until the man is unconscious on the floor.

Carey lets the bat rest on her shoulder as she grabs her phone to call the police. She walks back to where the man lies, wanting to keep him in eyesight. The operator asks which service she needs.

‘Police’, Carey says, still looking at the crumpled form of a man. An officer picks up the line and asks what the problem is.

‘There was a man in my house when I woke up this morning. He is currently unconscious but I would appreciate some back-up.’

After a few more questions the officer says a police car and ambulance are both on the way.

Carey clicks off the phone and crouches next to the man. He looks exactly like the one she was dreaming about. Why was she happy to be swept away by him in her dreams and not in reality? She smiles at the answer; because it’s reality and finding an unknown man in your bedroom is not romantic, he isn’t there to save you, it’s just creepy.

He is attractive though, even with the swelling lumps on his arm and head.

The man begins to stir as Carey lets the police inside. The paramedics are told to wait until the situation had been checked over so they hover in the doorway.

He is questioned about why he was there and the extent of his injuries. Charging him would not involve jail time, so Carey can’t see the point. The sergeant warns the man against trespassing, and warns Carey about the brutality of her self-defence. She rests the bat on her shoulder again as she looks at the man being escorted out the door. She wants to make it clear to him that he doesn’t scare her.


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  1. kate says:

    wow! a not-so-romantic story! good on yu – this is awesome!

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