Creativity takes courage – Matisse

After submitting my last manuscript for round two of HARDCOPY, I decided it was time to put it away. I don’t want to make anymore changes on it until someone who is paying me tells me to change it ie. a publisher.

The trouble is that I have set up my days to give me maximum writing time. So I started writing a first draft. The characters are strong, I know the rough plot, and I spent weeks carrying a notebook everywhere I went (including to bed). I worked out how to weave in extra layers, found weird things about my characters that make them more interesting and thoroughly enjoyed being in that headspace. There is something completely free about a first draft.

I’m now 10 000 words in and am wondering if I am floundering. It’s always a tricky balance between making sure readers connect and identify with the protagonist, and getting to the good stuff asap.

What are your tricks for knowing when there is too much set-up and not enough action?


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  1. kinkyfreedom says:

    I don’t think you can be that rational yet. Until you have first draft and have taken a step back you won’t really know what you have. As long as you’re aware of those needs as you write then just keep going. This is where you will write more than you need as you discover who your characters are. Don’t think, don’t flounder – just keep writing 🙂

  2. jennicurry says:

    Great advice! Thank you.

    1. kinkyfreedom says:

      No worries. Hope you’re getting back into the groove. First drafts are the best …and I don’t think we can avoid the fact that second drafts are NOT.

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