Where did my wisdom go?

Hello. You may have noticed my complete lack of wordpress contact over the last month. Or perhaps you didn’t notice because you’ve only just found this page, in which case, welcome.

But the reason for my absence is quiet simple; I had my wisdom teeth out. Not just a jab and a pull, but a complete removal. I’ll spare you the gross details because I was asleep when it happened and would only be giving you a pile of fiction anyway. The result though, was that I spent over a week on a couch at my parent’s house. And when I say on the couch, I mean day and night. It was actually a lot of fun and I highly recommend it to anyone who wants a guilt free holiday with unlimited amounts of Yogo and TV.

But there is something to be said for momentum (which I’ve now lost). Either that or all of my creative words were held in my wisdom teeth. If that was the case, I really should have asked the dentist if I could keep them. I am slowly coming back but the word counts creep up slower than before. I have just finished reading my first draft so far in an attempt to remind myself of everything that has happened. I’ll let you know how it goes.

But I wonder, has anyone else found something really bazaar or seemingly unrelated that either helps, or hinders their writing?


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  1. kenadrift says:

    Hi Jenni.
    December 1998 – having just graduated from Uni and with the rest of my life in front of me, (read as “nothing else to do!”) I’d retreated to my room and dived into writing. One month and nearly 20,000 words later a first draft of a novel was taking shape. The words were just flowing out of me. 31 December 1998 I go out and have a big night which became a big day and then a messier next night and an ‘oh hell’ life crisis on the following day. When I finally got home and looked at what I had been writing, it was like another person wrote it and I was reading it (and hating it) for the first time. I could never reconnect to the energy and enthusiasm for that story…and it’s always bugged me.

  2. jennicurry says:

    Oh no! Come back to it now and see if there’s a scrap of a good idea there you can use.

    1. kenadrift says:

      I lost almost all of it. Pre-cloud, I used to save everything on floppy disk. But the disks with a lot of my writing from 1995-2000 got damaged. SO all I have left is one chapter and a few pages of handwritten notes…

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