The ‘practice’ of writing


Words by Jenni Curry, ACTWC Blogger in Residence

Notebook and paper

In one of my recent yoga classes, the teacher reminded us that we should not aim to have the most beautiful pose, or the perfect stance. Nor should we aim to get our chest/knees/head on the floor. We were all unlikely to ever get there, and even if we did, perfect yoga poses, or amazing flexibility did not guarantee happiness. We would still essentially be the same person. Instead, they told the class that yoga is a practice, something we need to do often to improve on throughout our lives.

I was flawed by this concept. The idea that there is no end goal, no timeline, and no prize at the finish line. It’s a practice. And writing is the same. Our writing will never be perfect. There will always be a better word, a more appropriate placement for a comma or…

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  1. kate says:

    good ideas Jenni! I like the idea of taking a different perspective & seeing where it takes you.

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