How to find short story (and other) writing competitions

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Words by Jenni Curry, ACTWC Blogger in Residence


We all know that a great way to build your profile as an author is to get published. But before you will be ready to publish a book, you will likely need to publish a few other things.

For nonfiction writers, this means the publication of articles in relevant media. For fiction writers, this often means entering short story competitions, and having your work published as a result.

But how do you find short story (and other) writing competitions? Try these options:

  1. A great place to start is the ACT Writers Centre weekly e-news, which lists upcoming opportunities and competitions. Overtime you will notice that many of these occur regularly, either monthly or yearly.
  2. If you want to spread your work further, try looking at other Australian Writers Centrewebsites. Each Centre is set up to support both emerging and established writers…

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