I tried, I failed, but it was fun!

Lifeline Book spoils

As you know, the Lifeline Book Fair was on in Canberra this weekend. I had a plan, a cleverly constructed plan. I knew that my usually strong will power breaks whenever I am around that most precious of commodities; books.

I planned to take in just $50 and limit myself to this amount. After all, that would buy me enough books for several months. Enough books to get me through to the next Lifeline Book Fair in June.

However, there was a small voice in my head. In true shoulder angel versus shoulder devil style, it told me that really, I was strong enough and I could take in my whole wallet. Even at the time I knew the real message was this; go on in and have some fun, you know you’ll like it.

The shoulder devil won out. I took in my whole wallet.

I started in the old books section, searching out beautiful editions of classics I have not read. I found a couple of treasures amongst the dusty covers. Then I entered the main pavilion. There were people everywhere, each with piles of books in their arms. How could I possibly find what I was after when all these people had already taken so many of the books on offer? I went into a mild panic, looking at books but not stopping long enough to see any of the titles properly.

I decided the only logical thing to do was to walk the full length of each table of interest, then walk back up the other side. Many others were doing the same and so I was often made to slow down if I wanted to reach the intriguing story just in front of the busty woman, or the old lady with a walker. I could see the prize, but I had to wait.

I also had a few titles I wanted to search out. Each took time, locating not only the correct location, but the specific book. But my patience was rewarded; I found all three.

In the end, I collected more books than my bag could hold (I actually have to re-stitch the handles back on as the seams began to split). I knew I had gone over my $50 budget so I sat on the side of the pavilion and tried to be rational; I didn’t need all the books. I looked at each title and chose 2 to put back and kept the other 25.

When the lovely volunteer tallied up how much they all cost, she told me it was $98. She then gave me a bookmark with the dates of the next Lifeline Book Fair (I think she’s tempting me to the Dark Side). For anyone who is interested, the next two fairs will be June 24-26 and September 16-18.

As for me, I will attempt to stay away. After all, I have enough books to get me through to next year’s EPIC Book Fair.


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  1. kate says:

    beautifully put, Jenni. A temptation well worth giving in to!

  2. Cherrie Zell says:

    I resisted temptation completely last weekend. It was so hot; I decided to give the queues and crowd a miss. I’d read your earlier post, and thought I should give it a go, until I saw the weather forecast.

    Believe it or not, I’ve only been once, on a Sunday afternoon, because I wanted to get as many books as I could for my niece while she was visiting.

    But I understand your dilemma. I have the same rule with book stores, and second hand stores, and the ABC shop’s music section … and the rule often fails.

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