The writing retreat

I am halfway through my week long writing retreat and I have to say that so far, this works for me. The days a so long that I feel like I’ve already overextended my stay and my worries seemed to have fallen- out of the car somewhere along the drive here.

Each day, I stay immersed in the fictional world I’ve created. When I do come out, it’s warm, and the sun is happy to see me. When I need a break from writing, I go for a walk or run, stretching the legs, clearing the lungs and soaking up that vitamin D. These outside journeys have been a great balance to the otherwise stationary act of writing and lend a healthy aspect to the retreat.

With no schedule to keep to, I can do whatever I like. Yesterday, I walked for twenty minutes across three beaches with minor rock scrambling and sand ranging from a little course to very smooth. The purpose of this was to go to the good Beach Hut to buy fish and chips. I made several fiends as I sat in front of the waves to eat my paper-wrapped lunch; unfortunately, they were all winged creatures who could only say. ‘Mine!’

Photo taken by Jenni Curry
Photo taken by Jenni Curry

Being so relaxed does have its drawbacks; I keep getting sleepy after lunch and lose an hour or so to a nap. I guess that’s just the ‘health’ side coming out.

But, with nothing else to do (as I brought very few other activities with me and vowed not to watch TV) I often slip back into the chair at my makeshift desk and write for another 1000 words, before deciding it’s time for a cup of tea.

If you ever get the chance to do the same, whether it’s at a dedicated writing house, or just a quiet place of your own, I encourage you to take the opportunity; it’s definitely worth it!

Happy writing xxx


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  1. skejcurry says:

    Sounds lovely! 

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