The MAGIC of Harry Potter

Being part of the generation who grew up with Harry Potter, I have my original set of books, sitting in order on my bookcase. It’s almost a badge of honour; I’m a serious reader, I have Happy Potter.  But what do we do with them?

Earlier in the year I was given the illustrated version of the Philosopher’s Stone and re-read the story while admiring the pictures. The artwork matched my imagined version of events much more than the movies ever did and so once again, I was pulled into the magical world. Since then, I have been keeping a fairly consistent formula of about two new books to each Harry Potter.

I’ve just finished the sixth book and am trying to convince myself to pick something off the to-be-read shelf before going on to complete the series. But the magic has a strong pull.

While reading these internationally best-selling books, I have been trying to understand why they were so successful in order to learn from them. However, I have not been able to see past the strong imagery to focus on the words. Perhaps this is because these books formed part of my childhood, but when reading them I have been transported back into the castle which is so strong in my mind that I can walk the halls at will.

Whatever the reason for not being able to analyse these works, it is fair to say that there is a magic to the Harry Potter books that has nothing to do with spells, potions or incantations. There is a deep and forgotten kind of magic; something akin to Lily Potter’s brave sacrifice.

While these books have grabbed the imagination and attention of so many people, I shall resist as much as I can (or am willing to). Although I am very aware that the Chamber of Secrets is now available as an illustrated book. It may spark another re-reading…


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  1. kate says:

    you are so lucky to have had the experience of reading something this magical as a child. What a gift to the world these have been! Perhaps, one day, you too will write something as magical…..

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