Sometimes, all you can do is close down your old documents, put away your old notes, and start again.

This is true of writing and of life.

There are times when you need a change of scenery. Or a place where no one knows you or your history. Then there are times when everything needs to be broken down and restarted.

This is easy with writing. You simply open a blank document. That is what I have done today. I am ignoring the 61000 words of the unfinished draft for my manuscript and trusting that they were useful research for the development of much more interesting characters. It may seem like a lot to throw out, but if the words weren’t right, why continue to work with them?

It would be like trying to build a house over a sink hole. No matter how much work you put into the foundations and walls of your house, it will continue to fall down.

That’s what my manuscript has been doing. It’s been falling down. So, take 2 starts today. Wish me luck!


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  1. kate says:

    good luck! love the wisdom!

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