Book review – Oh, the Places You’ll Go! by Dr Seuss

Oh The Places You’ll Go,

What a book to behold.

The messages inside

Tell what must be told.

For we all need reminding,

Yes, we do indeed,

That sometimes in life

We don’t get what we need.

We will stumble and fall,

And fall over we must,

For that’s how we learn

To get out of the dust.

But if you are brainy and footsy too,

Then Dr Seuss has a lesson for you;

So go get this book, from a library or store,

And you’ll be the greatest, the greatest of all.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. 623greenway says:

    Wonderful! Great layout. I need to learn from you!! Pamela

  2. kate says:

    good on you Jenni! This is a very Dr Seuss review!

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