Book review – A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens

Witty and charming with a narration style scarcely seen these days, Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol lingers amongst the shelves of literary classics for a reason. It is the spark of hope that defines Christmas in modern day Australia (and probably elsewhere too). It teaches us that Christmas is a time for family, for giving, for being thankful for what you have and for celebrating the successes of the year, no matter how small or trivial they may seem. For we are better human beings when we share our joys with those around us.

Forget if you can, the Muppets Christmas Carol and read this very short book about why exactly we must be kind of heart. For if we do not follow the lessons contained within the pages then we will always be doomed the bear the chain we forge in life.


                                ‘…would you know the weight and length of the strong coil you bear yourself? It was full as heavy and long as this, Seven Christmas Eves ago. You have laboured on it since.’


Scrooge is such an iconic character that he needs no introduction from me. But please, I beg of you, if you have an ounce of Christmas spirit in you, then read this short classic. Discover for yourself just how and why Mr Scrooge changed his ways. For it was not only to save his immortal soul from the turmoil that his previous business partner still suffered from. Scrooge was changed as much from love as he was from fear. When the ghosts of Christmas Past, Present and Yet to Come use his own words against the people they visit, Scrooge becomes aware of their full impact. He realises the trials and suffering that others experience in silence and he chooses to spend the remainder of his days easing that suffering.

What better message can there be?

What a simple way to remind ourselves of what it means to be a good human being.

And, what a joyous read from Christmases Past.


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  1. Kate says:

    I’m sold! It seems this book delivers a message so needed right now. Thanks for the reminder.

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