Library Build Day 5 – Installing More Shelves

Now that Dad and I have our groove on, we can install Ikea Billy units pretty easily. Today, we needed to install more wall batons before the other three half height units could go in. But we needed to make sure those batons wouldn’t overhang were the units would go to. How’s the maths brain going?

The units, which had all been pre-built went in pretty quickly. Then we took a moment to stand back and appreciate our work.

Knowing that the full height units would take longer the next day, we did what preparation we could; the other wall batons.

By the way, have I mentioned that my shed is currently home to several pieces of machinery such as a drop saw? No, well it is. At least, the part of the shed not still being taken up by a few Ikea boxes. Each day, we wheel out dad’s tools which will be required for that day and run a few extension cords. Don’t think we’re cutting the wall batons and spacers by hand! Time to pull on the ear muffs and fire up the drop saw. Quicker and more precise than anything we could do by hand.

But I digress.

One wall is full of Ikea Billy units, the other is ready for a big day of installing. But see the boxes on the floor? That’s my homework. The last full height units must be assembled before tomorrow morning.


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