Library Build Day 6 – And Yet More Shelves

Look at all that book storage! The last Ikea Billy units get installed today.

I assembled what I could last night, but sliding the backing pieces into each frame requires more hands than I possess. Dad and I had our separate tasks today, me finalising the assembly, him working through the installation. We each called on the other when required and then slipped back into our individual tasks. All to the backdrop of dad’s favourite radio station (I’ve been conditioned to do my best DIYing when listening to golden classics).

Once all the extension units were in, we also inserted longer supports which would cross the joint between the units and provide excellent support all along, for when I eventually found a sliding ladder system. These pieces are in with screws and some serious glue (hence the clamps). Although one or two pieces needed some minor shaving to accommodate that curved wall. Turns out, the front of the units isn’t exactly straight – we’re out by a couple of millimetres. Not bad considering the shelves cover about 4.5 meters.

Before you ask, yes, I am short. But those are also some seriously tall bookshelves.


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