Library Build Day 16 – Painting

The whole family is in today, and everyone has a paintbrush. This is how I plan to work through much of the paintwork in one day; recruit experienced and willing helpers.

Dad and I did the second coat on the ceiling (I’m really happy with how well this has come up. If you are thinking of patching holes in the ceiling yourself, don’t. You want a really flat effect on the ceiling and the professionals do it so much better). The first coat went onto the walls and Mum was on a mission to finish all the trim… she managed both coats.

Usually, you’d finish the ceiling, then the walls, then the trim. But who am I to turn down free and willing help? So, the second coat of trim went on before the second coat of wall paint. In the end will it matter? Unlikely. Especially as the trim and wall colour are the same tint, just different sheen levels.

In case anyone is wondering, Ikea Billy units are almost exactly the same colour as Dulux Lexicon Half.


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