Library Build Day 17 – More Painting

The final coat of paint went on!!!

The blue painter’s tap was slowing peeled off and the painting equipment packed away.

Dad installed the doors onto the half height Ikea Billy units (I don’t have the patience for door hinge adjustments) and I attached a knob to each door. The doors are made to match Ikea Billy, but are not Billy themselves. Also, the knobs which came with the doors were ridiculously small and white. Great if you’re going for sleek or minimalist, but really not the point in this project. Minimalist doesn’t suit my house or my personality.

How great does it look?

I know it’s a lot of white, but this is just the magical base for my personal library. And who knew Ikea Billy units, some of the most affordable furniture in existence, could look so expensive.

Before you point out that we missed a bit of cover strip in the corner, that was on purpose. It has been cut and painted but will be glued into place after the benchtops go on.

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  1. Looking good! How exciting. I gave you a follow. My book heart wants to see how this turns out!

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