Library Build Day 19 – Benchtop

The benchtop was installed today. It took longer than I would have liked as the wall behind the half height Ikea Billy units is deceptively curved and each segment of the benchtop had to be modified to ensure a snug fit.

As each piece was cut to size, I carefully collected the warm red saw dust. The dust was then mixed with glue to make a filler which was the perfect colour to blend with the benchtops. You can barely see the breaks between the different pieces. The remaining dust is now safely stored away in a jar in my shed, in case I ever get a big scratch or something and need to repair the benchtops (handy hint, label what the dust matches. Otherwise, you might mix them up over the years).

The final cover strip could also be glued into place in the corner where the half height and full height Ikea Billy units meet.

Power point covers were put back into place and the room generally starting collecting all the things a lounge room generally has to feel comfy.


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