Library Build Day 20 – Pack up and Post

Pack up day involved polishing my benchtops with a high level of care and precision. These really are the most loved benchtops.

There was also the need to remove the cardboard which had been collecting from all the boxes and packaging. Luckily, dad has a large car and just up the road from my house is a free community recycling centre. All very easy when you can do it in one load. Plus, it was nice to have my front porch look welcoming once more, rather than the dump site it had literally been for the last three weeks.

All in all, this project to take Ikea Billy units and build them in to create a magical library has turned out better than even I imagined. It has a sense of wonder reminiscent of the most whimsical pictures on Pinterest and creates a sense of awe Disney would struggle to replicate in real life.

But wait… remember that I had the old lights removed and new ones put in? Well, so far, I’ve only had temporary lights. I called the electrician back and he connected the chandeliers I’d ordered. Yes, chandeliers. It’s a large room with high ceilings and I wanted them.

My sister (amazing designer and internet searcher extraordinaire) found these incredible Moroccan style, black chandeliers with candle-like bulbs. How perfect!

They tie in all the black hardware details I’ve used throughout the room, from the ladder rail to the door knobs to a wall of black frames above the benchtop with travel photos.

The room is now filled with wonder and imagination, and is just about my favourite place to sit.

Post Build: It’s been a while sense this project was finished, but I keep standing back to admire my bookshelves and smile. It brings me such joy to be surrounded by my books. A big shout out to my amazing dad and all the other amazing dad’s out there in the world.


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