Lessons Learned

Life is a collection of lessons. A series of classes we must take. But rarely do we stop to think about those lessons. We think about moments; a series of photographs our mind strings together to tell us what our life has involved. But to grow as a person we must also think about how each event changed us.

Here is a collection of lessons I’ve learned in my 31 years.

  1. All problems can be solved with a cup of tea and a sympathetic ear.
  2. Books are never a waste of money.
  3. Despite how many people ask, you do not need to have a ‘proper’ job.
  4. A nimble mind is a young mind. Never stop learning.
  5. People are in your life for a reason. Sometimes its years, sometimes not, but they almost always change you in some way.
  6. Dogs may be expensive to adopt and demanding when it comes to food and walks but if they make you smile at least once a day, it’s worth it.
  7. It’s okay to ask for help; we’re not meant to do this alone.
  8. If someone thinks you are younger than you are, take it as a compliment. It means you look good.
  9. If someone thinks you’re older than you are, take it as a compliment. It means you’re wiser than they expected.
  10. Planting flowers may not produce fruit we can eat, but they produce fruit for the soul.
  11. Everyone is doing the best they can and holding a grudge will only hurt you.
  12. But choose who you keep in your life. Your heart must be protected.
  13. Love is not a commodity. It increases in value when it is shared.
  14. Following your dreams is always worthwhile; even if it’s only as a hobby.
  15. Disney can teach us many things about life and love but nothing about hair.
  16. We are here for a reason although our reasons will differ.
  17. If something makes you feel good, you should do it more often.
  18. Your parents will never be finished teaching you.
  19. The things which scare you will probably be the most worthwhile.
  20. There are times when even princess’ have to take off their crowns and get muddy.
  21. Anyone who says that their high school years were the best of their life, are kidding themselves.
  22. ‘Sexy’ is a state of the mind, not of the body. It comes from confidence.
  23. We need people who knew us when we were younger. It means they will understand us.
  24. Enjoy food. It can inspire, excite and bring people together.
  25. There are days when you can make major changes in your life and days when you should leave everything as is. Knowing the difference can save you lots of trouble.
  26. There is no timeline in life. You do not need to be in a relationship, be at a certain level at work, have a big house or 2.4 kids by any age. It will all happen when you are ready.
  27. Buying a house is not as important as making a home.
  28. Dance at every opportunity.
  29. Don’t show people all of who you are. It’s more fun to keep them guessing.
  30. There is no normal and if it did exist, it would be boring.
  31. Be patient.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. kate curry says:

    A very wise list indeed! My favorite is the tea one but you won’t be surprised by that.

    1. jennicurry says:

      Somehow, I thought that would be your favourite!

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