I want to hear your stories!

I am currently working on a non-fiction book and want to add a personal story to the beginning of each chapter. This is your chance to be heard, share your experiences and maybe get your name in print!

Women, what are your thoughts on women’s education, work status, our role in marriage OR in having/raising children? Do you have thoughts on how women are represented in the media, how we express ourselves through fashion OR our relationships with each other?

Are you gay or feel racially oppressed?

Men, what are your thoughts on your role in the family now that many women are working the same hours as you?

I am looking for responses of up to 500 words on ONE of the mentioned topics.
Include your name, email and year of birth (this is important as comments need to be in the context of when you grew up) in your submission.
Please reply by 5pm, Friday 6th June by sending your responses to jenji.curry@gmail.com, with the subject line ‘Have your say’.
Note: Not all responses are guaranteed to be used, but I will contact you beforehand either way.

Extended to 13th June!!!


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