Library Build – Preparation

Before any renovation can start, you need to do your preparation! Figure out the plan, check the measurements, know what style you’re hoping to achieve.

Ikea have full measurements of their products online so I could easily check the dimensions of the various Billy units, of which, there are several.

My lounge room is big (see feature image of the room before the library). I measured my wall and realised I could fit 6 units if they were pressed against each other. But while this would give me maximum book space, would it look good in my house? No. I have an old NSW colonial style cottage. The door surrounds in every room are detailed, there are bevelled edges on the windows, there’s even fretwork in the hallway. Don’t know what that is? Neither did I. Basically, it looks like a gingerbread house you can’t eat.

So, a modern look with clean lines won’t work in my house. There needs to be space for details.

Plus, I had this idea of a matching built-in ‘sideboard’. Although that further complicated the design as it meant things built in on two walls which meet at a right-angle corner. Cue the amazing dad!

We worked out the design, the number of units I would need, had them all ordered and loaded into my shed. I also made up at least one of each style of unit, so we had an in-house example for specific measurements.

A couple of other things needed to happen before this build could commence. 1- I had my air conditioner removed. I don’t care if I’m hot in summer, it was taking up valuable space on the best wall in the house. 2- I maybe, kinda, sorta splurged on new lights. Previously, I had 8 downlights, many of which hadn’t been cut into the ceiling properly. Nothing says, ‘comfy library in a cute cottage’ like a whole bunch of downlights! They were removed and the ceiling patched by professionals before my work could begin.

Now you’re all caught up, on to the build!


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