In conversation with Jack Heath


I thoroughly enjoyed this meeting.


Words by Jenni Curry, ACTWC Blogger in ResidenceJack-Heath-Ash-Peak-cropped

(Photo: Ash Peak)

I recently had the pleasure of meeting Canberra based author, Jack Heath. We met for a tangent filled conversation in which we both got off-track several times (although, I now have a whole list of interesting things to research and books to read), but one which ultimately strengthened my idea that writers are very interesting peoplealways aware of what is going on around them, rather than being slightly oblivious as many people are.

Starting writing

Why did he start writing in the first place? When asked this question, Jack smiled and told me that there was a girl in high school whom he had a crush on. The girl liked reading and so he thought he would impress her by claiming to be a writer. This only lasted until the girl asked, ‘What have you written?’…

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